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As a value printing company, DSD Staatliche Dokumente GmbH is a certified manufacturer and partner for the development and production of security-related printed matter, particularly the new certificate of approval part I and the associated forms.

Our products also include service cards, seals, security-related stickers and custom forms for all areas of the town hall and for the administrations of district offices, cities and municipalities and other authorities and organisations. Our customer base even includes international authorities and institutions. Furthermore, we provide various forgery-proof products for preventing forgery and counterfeiting.

To develop our current products, we are in continuous contact with federal and state ministries, the Federal Criminal Police Office and state police offices. Our documents correspond to current jurisdiction in the individual states and in federal and EU law.

Products are produced and stored in our certified value printing company with video surveillance by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

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The Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Authority has certified us for the introduction of security and quality assurance measures for processing documents. KBA ZBI DSD Vorschau - DSD Staatliche Dokumente GmbH
The Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Authority has authorised us for the manufacture and sale of stamp stickers and sticker carriers in agreement with Appendix 4a of § 10 of the vehicle licensing regulations – FZV. KBA SPPT DSD Vorschau - DSD Staatliche Dokumente GmbH

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