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External advertising – plusgraphic®

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external advertising on a vehicle
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Equipping a vehicle fleet
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Vehicle advertising

All information about the product

plusgraphic® External advertising: Complete service

Witte plusprint® supplies film for any application: be it removable or permanent, in the standard colour palette or with individual colours; plusgraphic® quality film is the guarantee of brilliant results.

Be it a one-off or a fleet – as an authorised producer, Witte plusprint® will not just print your advertising message but will also fit it on site – anywhere in the country.

The advantages of retroreflective advertising are obvious:

  • An advertising message that is guaranteed to stand out
  • Presence also and particularly at night
  • Extremely noticeable with more than 60,000 visual contacts per day/night
  • Active contribution to traffic safety

The plusgraphic® complete service for external advertising:

  • Film advertising on vehicles
  • Film advertising on buildings
  • Retroreflective films
  • Floorminder
  • Window graphics
  • Profession installation on site – anywhere in the country

You can download the product overview here!
(available only in German)

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kontakt - External advertising - plusgraphic<sup>®</sup>

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