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i-Kfz – Internet-based vehicle registration

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Vehicle re-registration and de-registration on the Internet
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SecuRasta perfect online®
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All information about the product

i-Kfz – Internet-based vehicle registration

With the completely online-based vehicle registration system (i-Kfz), people no longer need to go to the vehicle registration office but can register and de-register their vehicles on the Internet. The procedure takes place in three stages:

  1. Stage: Online de-registration since 01.01.2015
  2. Stage: Online re-registration since 01.10.2017
  3. Stage: Online registration since 01.10.2019

Because of the changes to the vehicle registration regulations, visual and functional changes to the stickers are also required. More information about i-Kfz can be found here.

SecuRasta perfect online® online de-registration

i Kfz Stufe1 - i-Kfz | safemark<sup>®</sup>The first stage of i-Kfz was implemented on 01.01.2015. Our SecuRasta perfect online® stamp stickers can already be found on many vehicle licence plates.

Stage 1 essentially consists of being able to de-register the vehicle online.

Other stages for Internet-based vehicle registration are currently in the planning.

SecuRasta perfect online®on new online re-registration sticker carriers

The second stage of i-Kfz came into force on 01.10.2017. Since then it has been possible for de-registered vehicles to be re-registered to the same holder in the same vehicle licensing district online.

Legal basis: Third regulation for modifying the vehicle licensing regulations and other road traffic law regulations of 23.03.2017, issued by Bonn on 29.03.2017 in Federal Law Gazette No. 14, see Annex 4a “Stamp stickers and sticker carriers”

After re-registration on the Internet, the person receives the relevant stickers from the vehicle licensing office by registered post. These must then be affixed to the license plates immediately. If the HU sticker has elapsed, the first port of call is the TÜV, the DEKRA or another testing institution.

SecuRasta has developed a concept with which our newly certified sticker carriers can be quickly and easily individually printed in the vehicle licensing office using a conventional office laser printer.

SecuRasta perfect online® with license plate registration stickers carriers for online registration

As of October 1st, 2019 the third stage of the i-Kfz has come into force. This means that every vehicle can be registered online.

Legal basis:

Fourth Regulation amending the Vehicle Registration Ordinance and other road traffic regulations dated March 22, 2019, issued in Bonn on March 29, 2019 in Federal Law Gazette No. 10.

After registration on the Internet, the citizen obtains the appropriate vehicle registration sticker with the validity stamp and HU badges from Motor Vehicle Department citizens. These must then be fastened onto the license plates immediately.

SecuRasta has developed a concept with which our new certified registration stickers can be quickly and easily automatically printed at the Motor Vehicle Department using the SecuRasta SR 730i thermal transfer printer.

Handling of the sticker carrier

In order to print the license number and the last six digits of the VIN (variable data) on the SecuRasta sticker carrier, Witte safemark provides you with a DIN A4 template. One sheet contains two sticker carriers for stamp stickers and one sticker carrier for the HU sticker. The sticker carrier for the HU sticker will not be needed until stage three of i-Kfz, but has already been integrated at SecuRasta.

Sealing of the variable data

After printing, remove the lower cover paper, fold the entire upper part of the sticker carrier downwards along the lateral perforation and stick firmly to the bottom part of the sticker carrier. This ensures that the variable data is permanently protected. The sticker carrier sheet has two longitudinal perforations. Tear off the part that is required in accordance with the respective licensing procedure. Beschriftung Plakettentraeger 800x462 - i-Kfz | safemark<sup>®</sup>

Stamp sticker affixing instructions since 01.10.2017 (Stage 2 of i-Kfz)

With the SecuRasta stamp sticker, remove the narrow part of the carrier paper at the right-hand side, avoiding the adhesive, and put onto the left-hand and upper edges of the carrier paper so that the edges line up, remove the rest of the carrier paper and stick on the stamp sticker, ensuring that the entire sticker is affixed.

HU sticker affixing instructions (not used until stage 3 of i-Kfz)

With the HU sticker, remove the narrow part of the carrier paper and place the HU sticker with the month of expiry onto the tip of the silver arrow in the dotted edge marking so that it lines up, remove the rest of the carrier paper and stick on the HU sticker, ensuring that the entire sticker is affixed. Verklebung der Plaketten - i-Kfz | safemark<sup>®</sup>QRCode Film PT - i-Kfz | safemark<sup>®</sup>You can watch a video showing how to handle the sticker carrier sheet here.

Handling of the sticker carrier

We have stored videos for you here showing how to handle the sticker carrier.

(available only in German)

Authority instructions

Notes on labelling and sealing the variable data

Owner instructions

Notes on sticking the labels onto the car license plate

Security and manufacturing controlkraftfahrtbundesamt rgb - i-Kfz | safemark<sup>®</sup>

Security and manufacturing control has also been stipulated by the manufacturers of the i-Kfz stamp stickers and sticker carriers since 01.10.2017. The authorisation to supply the vehicle licensing authorities with stamp stickers and sticker carriers is issued by the Federal office for Motor traffic (KBA). You can inspect our certificate here.

DIN CERTCO Logo Witte - i-Kfz | safemark<sup>®</sup>Both the stamp stickers and the sticker carriers must fulfil the requirements of DIN 74069, May 2016 issue. This must be verified by a test report from a DAKKS-accredited technical service. The products are considered to be compliant with the standards if the monitoring office (DIN CERTCO Berlin) issues the authorisation to bear the DIN testing and monitoring symbol and the associated registration number has been issued. Witte safemark and DSD have been give registration number 8S0001. You can inspect our certificates here.

Very important: Since 01.10.2017, only certified companies are allowed to manufacture and deliver stamp stickers and sticker carriers!

Highly resistant and opaque – the security code is completely safe

The SecuRasta perfect online® stickers consist of a highly resistant and opaque film which ensures that the label is not damaged by rubbing too hard and that unauthorised reading of the security code is not possible. The labels are also equipped with a manufacturer-specific separating effect and a UV characteristic in order to ensure that they are forgery-proof.

(For a detailed explanation of the specific security feature, please click on the blue “i”.)

Datasheet for orders

The SecuRasta perfect online® stickers and sticker carriers may only be ordered by certain persons.

The data sheet can be downloaded here.
(available only in German)

Click here to download the Witte safemark® brochure presenting our product portfolio.
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