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Printed electronicsprintelectric®

Elektrolumineszente Leuchtflächen
Elektrolumineszente Leuchtflächen
Gedruckte Elektronik - Schaltkreis
Gedruckte Elektronik - Schaltkreis
Touchscreen mit Fingerscan
Touchscreen mit Fingerscan
Flexibler Schaltkreis
Flexibler Schaltkreis

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Printed electronics? Polymer electronics? Organic electronics?

All different terms under which a fascinating new kind of technology has become known. The basic principle consists of electrically conducting or semiconducting functional fluids which are printed onto film or similar substrates. The result: extremely thin and flexible displays, sensors, illuminated films, photovoltaic components, batteries and components for the so-called Internet of Things (IoT).

Electronics beyond the classical approach:

  • Organic electronics
  • Conducting electronics / polymer electronics
  • Flexible electronics
  • Printable inorganic electronics
  • Printed thin-layer electronics
  • Flexible organic or large-area electronics

The advantage compared to conventional electronics:

Extremely thin, flexible and partially transparent electronic components for a wide variety of usage areas – such as entertainment electronics, packaging, automotive, the pharmaceutical industry, energy or white goods.

The result is innovative products such as touch sensors, flexible displays or solar cells, illuminated films or smart labels and fully printed components for implementing the Internet of Things (IoT).

Printed electronics, i.e. electrically conducting or semiconducting functional fluids, which are printed over a large area and at low cost onto film, paper, glass or textiles and make functional layers and/or complex circuit layouts possible because of their specific properties.

The use of the printing technology makes the production of 2-dimensional, flexible, technical components possible, which provides completely new possibilities for future new developments.

Depiction of possible combinations of printed and conventional electronics such as the Internet of Things (IoT):

printelectric ® platform

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Flyer: Printed electronics

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Wristband with Near Field Communication (NFC)


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The video clip of our partner American Semiconductor shows a printed paper wristband with the following functions:

  • Hybrid electronics: combination of printed (conductive parts, isolator) and conventional electronics (chip, IC)
  • With electricity-conducting fluid antenna as an interface to standard smartphone with NFC technology
  • Printed insulating material
  • Integrated flexible chip with temperature sensor and saved contact data (partner: American Semiconductor)
    → readable via smartphone NFC interface
  • Further appliactions:
    • Smart Label to monitor cold chain or shock sensor (package dropped?)
    • Hospital: patient wristband to identify and save relevant data
    • Paper wristband for events with combined functions: entrance ticket/identification
    • Authorisation for specific areas or offers, payment systems, etc.

The extent to which printed electronics are already present in our everyday life is shown by standard applications in the automotive area, for example: Amongst other things, printed antennas, integrated pressure sensors for seat occupancy detection, self-dimming rear view mirrors and medical testing strips in the pharmaceutical area.

Printed electronics are used in areas such as

  • Heating areas
  • Illuminated areas
  • Batteries
  • Solar cells
  • Sensors
  • Keyboards
  • Displays

Intelligent objects are being created from simple products in this way. Luminous wallpaper or intelligent food packaging for gap-free monitoring of the cooling chain have only been a vision until now, but are technically feasible.

Organic photovoltaic cells with which entire building envelopes can be covered are providing new impetus in the energy sector.

Download the printelectric® flyer in English here!

Flyer LOPEC 2018

And you can download the product overview here (available only in German)!

Prospekt: Industrial Technologies

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